Consent to Platform Usage

Your Trust in AIDiagMe:

At AIDiagMe, we value the trust you place in us. Our goal is to ensure that you always feel informed, empowered, and respected throughout your experience with our platform.

Understanding the Platform:

This consent document is designed to help you understand what using the AIDiagMe Platform involves, including its benefits, risks, and limitations. Please read it carefully.

Age Requirement:

Users must be at least 18 years old to use the AIDiagMe Platform.

Key Terms:

AIDiagMe Service: A service that uses parts of your blood information available on the platform.

Blood Information: Your blood interpretation, derived from your uploaded file.

AIDiagMe: References to “we,” “our” mean AIDiagMe.

AI DiagMe Insights: DNA-based insights provided by AI DiagMe, including blood interpretation reports.

AI DiagMe Platform: Includes the AI DiagMe Site and the process of storing your blood information.

Self-Reported Information: Non-blood-related information about you such as your age, weight, etc.

Purpose of the Platform:

At AI DiagMe, we are developing an innovative online platform designed to enable individuals to understand their blood test results. Our AI-driven solution provides accurate, comprehensive, and clear interpretations in less than 2 minutes, making health insights accessible to all, regardless of medical knowledge. The solution is intended for individuals who are proactive about their health and seeking comprehensive, clear, and quick interpretations of their blood test results.

Using the Platform:

The AI DiagMe Platform allows users to drag and drop their blood test results into a dedicated area.

Additionally, the platform prompts users to provide their background information such as age, height, weight, the purpose of the blood test, lifestyle, and medical history. The more information provided, the more accurate the interpretation will be.

Considering the blood test results and background information, the AI DiagMe Platform leverages the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to provide, in less than 2 minutes, a PDF report that includes accurate, comprehensive, and clear interpretations, making health insights accessible to all, regardless of medical knowledge.

You can share these results with your doctor for an informed discussion. Moreover, our platform will allow users to monitor their health over time by comparing past and new interpretations.

Improvement of the Platform:

Aggregated Blood Information: Your data may be used in anonymized and aggregated datasets for improvement and commercial purposes, as detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Closing Your Account:

Account Closure: You can close your account at any time, losing access to the Service and AI DiagMe Insights.

Data Archiving: Your information is archived for legal and regulatory compliance.

Benefits of AI DiagMe:

The AIDiagMe service revolutionizes blood test interpretation in several ways:

Pattern Recognition: AI algorithms analyze large volumes of data to identify patterns or correlations that might elude doctors, leading to more accurate and comprehensive interpretations.

Customized Reference Ranges: AI considers individual patient factors when establishing reference ranges, resulting in a more tailored and accurate interpretation of blood test results.

Reduction of Human Errors: By automating the interpretation process, AI minimizes the risk of human error, ensuring more reliable and consistent results.

Efficiency: AI-assisted blood test interpretation significantly reduces the time needed for analysis, allowing healthcare professionals to provide diagnoses and treatment recommendations more quickly.

Accessibility: AI-powered tools like AI DiagMe are made available to a broad range of patients and healthcare providers, including those in remote or resource-limited locations, increasing access to quality blood test interpretation worldwide.

Potential Risks and Limitations:

Unwanted Discoveries: The possibility of learning sensitive health-related information.

Legal and Privacy Concerns: Risks associated with sharing blood data and security incidents.

Product-Specific Risks: Each product comes with its own set of risks, benefits, and limitations.

Blood Interpretation: Limitations due to the nature of blood interpretation and current scientific knowledge.

Accuracy: Potential limitations in insights for users who do not share their background information.

Support and Contact:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at