AI DiagMe interprets your blood and urine test results and provides you with personalized wellness advice.

Get an informed, accurate and comprehensive report in just a few minutes.


AI DiagMe


How does it work?

AI DiagMe combines its expertise in hematology and artificial intelligence to explain your blood and urine test results and provide personalized wellness advice.

Step 1:
Data Collection and Pre-Processing

It all starts with the collection of your laboratory test results in PDF format, as well as your profile information. Your data is then pre-processed in an automated, secured, and anonymized manner.

Step 2:
AI-based Interpretations

Leveraging the latest machine learning techniques, our AI reads, understands and interprets your blood and urine data.

Step 3:
Report Generation

Our AI generates a user-friendly report accessible to all that emphasizes key findings, demystifies medical terminology, guides you through interpreting your blood and urine test results, and offers tailored wellness suggestions to support a productive conversation with your healthcare provider.

Special Offer

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  • AI-generated report available in just a few minutes
  • Interpretations’ summary by biological function
  • Interpretation of each blood and urine marker
  • Personalized wellness suggestions

Why AI DiagMe?

Enhanced understanding

We translate your complex blood and urine test results into clear and easy-to-understand information. This allows you to have a comprehensive view of your health status.

Privacy and security

Your health data is protected with the highest levels of security and confidentiality. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and partner with a recognized and international certified health data hosting company.

Speed ​​of report generation

Get an interpretation for each marker, an interpretation summary, and relevant personalized wellness suggestions in just a few minutes.

Proactive health monitoring

AI DiagMe is available 24/7, meaning you can start your blood and urine test results’ interpretation at any time, from anywhere, and track your health trends.

Accuracy and comprehensiveness

Get interpretations and personalized wellness suggestions that take your profile and all your blood and urine marker results into account. We deliver accurate and relevant information that helps you better understand your health.

Guidance for medical consultations with your physician

AI DiagMe’s report can enhance discussions with your healthcare provider, offering valuable insights. However, all medical decisions ultimately rest with your qualified physician, who considers your complete health picture.

AI DiagMe helps me keep control over my health. I love the speed of the results and the clarity of the report. I can discuss it with my doctor so she can make the best decisions – it’s great!
I was rather skeptical about health apps, but AI DiagMe pleasantly surprised me. The results add a degree of clarity before discussing with my doctor, and it helps me better understand my health.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AI DiagMe?

    AI DiagMe is an AI-based blood and urine test interpretation solution that transforms your blood and urine test results into clear and useful information to help you better understand your health.

  • How does AI DiagMe work?

    All you need to do is add your laboratory test in PDF format to the dedicated space on our website. Our AI reads the data, analyzes it, and generates an easy-to-understand report with an interpretation for each marker, an interpretation summary by biological function, and personalized wellness suggestions.

  • Is my data secure?

    Yes, the security of your data is our priority. We use advanced security measures to protect your information. Your confidentiality is respected at all times.

  • Does AI DiagMe replace my doctor?

    No, AI DiagMe is not a substitute for medical advice. AI DiagMe is for educational purposes only with unlikely but possible inaccuracy. It is, therefore, not a replacement for medical advice from licensed professionals.

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